Get Ready…Get Set…Feel Sexy!

In preparation for your photography session, there are a few things you will want to do in order to maximize your enjoyment of the experience. Not much needs to be done to prepare, take a look at the ideas and suggestions below.

Avoid wearing tight clothing, including bra and underwear prior to the photo shoot. Tight clothing leave indentations on skin that can take hours to go away. A loose sundress or loose grym clothes are best.

Get some sleep. No one looks their best when they are tired. Make sure to get a good night sleep before the session.

Do not apply fake tanner. The camera is only going to enhance that un-natural orange glow you have and you will end up looking weird.

Do apply lotion. LOTS of lotion, or oil. By keeping your skin super moisturized, you will create a natural looking glow that will come across in your photos as ethereal and heavenly.

Wear false eyelashes. They make look somewhat fake in real life and you may feel weird wearing them. However, in the photos they make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes and give them a gorgeous almond shape. These are a must-have!

Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie. Not only will this make your photos more interesting, it will boost your confidence, making you look your best. Besides the new outfit, bring a few of your favorites. See below for some clothing recommendations.

Avoid alcohol 24 hrs prior. Alcohol will make you look bloated and tired. However, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Get a manicure and pedicure, or at least do one yourself. People tend to forget about their nails, but they do show up in a majority of your photos. Chipped nail polish is not pretty. Also, try to choose a neutral nail color so they don’t distract from your gorgeous face.

Don’t be nervous. I promise you, you will look FABULOUS. Your insecurities will melt as you get in front of the camera. This is your time to feel sexy so you need to relax and have fun! Just remind yourself that no matter how you THINK you look, you will look amazing in the end. We will highlight your favorite body parts and downplay your least favorite ones.!

Do this for yourself. No matter who you are doing this boudoir/glamour shoot for, deep down it is really for YOU. The end result (photographs) may be going to someone else, but the experience itself is ALL yours. It is just me and you in the room during the shoot and I want you to be comfortable, have fun and WORK IT! You are of course encouraged to bring a female friend if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone during the shoot. Some girls think they will stay totally covered up during the entire shoot. Of course, you can if you want. But many girls, once they are in the swing of it and having fun, decide to get a little risqué. I am not talking about totally nude or anything, but maybe a hint of nudity. I am all about making your photos tasteful and classy, but also creating something that you will LOVE. Some of the best shots come when you let down your guard a little. And remember, I NEVER post your photos without your permission.

Makeup Recommendations

[dc]I[/dc] cannot stress enough the importance of using a Professional Makeup Artist for your session.   That is why I include one in all my Half-Day and Full-Day Sessions.  If you would like us to organize a Makeup Artist for your Basic Session please let us know.

If you do choose to use a makeup artist don’t forget to allow extra time (45-60 minutes) to have it done! Double that if your having your hair done as well.

Here are some tips if you plan on doing your own makeup:

    • Blush and eye makeup should also be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
    • Avoid frosted lipstick as it shows up very light in photos.
    • Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are emphasized.
    • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. Especially if your hair or clothing is black.
    • Use a powder-based makeup as oil-based makeup appears shiny. Another option is to use an application of powder to achieve a matte finish on the skin.

Clothing, Props and Ideas

[dc]M[/dc]ost people think that boudoir/glamour photos mean lingerie or nudity. In fact. studies have shown that men find a woman in something of theirs to be sexier than lingerie. The truth is, you may choose to include anything you want in your session. You will never be asked to wear anything or pose in anyway that would make you uncomfortable. The list of things you can wear, bring or do is endless!

Here are some possibilities:

    • His favorite old shirt
    • His favorite sport team sweatshirt or jersey
    • His hard hat or other tools of his job
    • His overalls
    • His uniform
    • You know your man, would he like something classy?
    • A fur coat
    • A vest (Leather or Dressy)
    • An evening dress
    • An off the shoulder top
    • Fuzzy sweater
    • Hats and gloves
    • High heels
    • Stockings (various)
    • Sparkly Blouse
    • Bikini or high thigh one piece

Sexier Clothing Choices

    • Anything thin or transparent
    • Anything tight
    • Body Stocking
    • Boy Shorts
    • Colorful panties and bra
    • Cutoffs that are too short
    • Lingerie

Some Non-traditional Recommendations

    • Anything that he gave you
    • Bath Robe or towel
    • Tank shirts that are too short and/or tight
    • Tee shirts with rips or holes
    • Biker shorts
    • Tight shorts
    • Leather anything
    • Mini Skirt
    • Scarfs (as an outfit!)
    • Boxer shorts
    • Something funny or a special Halloween costume
    • Your lounge around the house clothes
    • The tools of your trade
    • Western hat and boots
    • Workout outfit with dumbbells

Some props you might like as part of your portrait session

    • Any props from home
    • Any romantic items
    • Hockey stick, baseball glove, golf clubs, etc
    • Candles
    • Scarves
    • Sun glasses
    • Wine glasses
    • Your favorite teddy bear
    • Strands of beads