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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pictures be shared on the internet?
Absolutely not!  I do not share any of your images without your consent.  The images in my portfolio or in my Recent Work Blog are from clients or professional models that have given me permission to share.  If you prefer to not have your images shared that is perfectly OK.  You can read my complete Privacy Policy.

I’ve never done this before, how does it all work?
Great question!  I’ve detailed what you can expect from the experience HERE.

I have cellulite, stretch marks, scars/acne.   Can you fix that?
All of the above and more can be removed or at least significantly reduced as part of our post processing.

I’m not as thin or young as the ladies on your site.  Will you still work with me?
ABSOLUTELY!  I feel bad that you even ask the question.  Given the nature of boudoir and glamour photography and my clients wishes to maintain their privacy many of the women in my portfolio are professional models.  I work with women of all ages and body types.  The most important thing to remember is confidence is a state a mind and it’s sexy as HELL!  And sexy never get’s old.

I’m sure how to pose, will you help?
I’ll be guiding you through every pose, facial expression, especially what to do with your hands!  You won’t hear “look sexy” or work the camera” or any other vague directions.

Do you have anyone to do my hair and makeup?
I work with two of Ottawa’s best makeup artists.  Taryn Miller and Natalie Peachy are the only two I will use for my sessions.   They are experts in what they do and they’ll make sure you look stunning.   Hair and Makeup are included in my Half-Day and Full-Day packages.

Taryn Miller Makeup – Taryn has won the Ottawa’s Faces Award for favourite makeup artist 3 years running.
Natalie Peachy – Often runs makeup tutorials on Ottawa CTV Morning Live.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?
I have no problem with you bringing a friend to our consultation or the actual session.   The best pictures are created when you feel 100% comfortable.  If you need somewhat there to achieve that then by all means.

What should I bring/wear?
It’s important to have a variety of outfits.  I always tell clients to bring an assortment of lingerie, swimsuits, dresses and anything else you feel sexy wearing.  Don’t forget the SHOES!  Don’t forget to review my blog on How to Prepare for your Session!

What else should I know?
I am a fully insured and licenced business.  I have been shooting boudoir, glamour and fitness since 2008.

I’m ready to book, what next?
That’s great, all that’s left to do is choose what package you would like and contact me to book your consultations – PACKAGES