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A boudoir or glamour shoot is more than a photography session.   It’s a celebration of confidence, joy, sexiness and everything that makes you feel gorgeous.

From the moment I first picked up a camera in 2006 I knew I wanted to focus on boudoir and glamour photography.

My only goal is to help capture what makes YOU sexy.   Come hither eyes, your lower back, the curve of your bum, your figure, that dimple on your cheek or a sly smile.   A boudoir or glamour photography session is all about celebrating your sensuality as a woman and creating images you will love for a lifetime.

My sessions are designed to make you feel sexy, confident and comfortable.   Whether you are doing this to celebrate a milestone, as a gift for your significant other or just because you want to feel pampered and gorgeous. I guarantee you will find this experience completely empowering!

Boudoir Photography

In the past, a boudoir session typically meant some lingerie in a bedroom setting with some soft light with the final product being a hazy, heavily filtered image. These style of boudoir sessions are still available, I do many of them a year. However, I prefer to put a twist on things.

Just because it is a boudoir session, we aren’t limited to a bedroom or studio setting. Let’s get you in some sexy lingerie, a men’s shirt or your husband’s favourite hockey jersey, flirting with the camera against a brick wall, a barn door or in a field. Lots of colour contrasts, heavy shadows accentuating your curves and the star of it all, YOU looking absolutely stunning.

Of course if you prefer the more classic boudoir images, we can absolutely do that. I just don’t want you to feel limited to what you may have seen elsewhere.

Glamour Photography

In the 80”s glamour images meant you in some very poofy dress, probably with a perm, wrapped in boa and lets not forget the white vignetting. Well, you can forget boas or white vignetting when we shoot together.

When you think glamour, think Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and in some cases Playboy!

Throw on a swimsuit, some booty shorts or daisy dukes. Maybe a little black dress or a sundress in the middle of a farmers fields. Basically, anything can be glamour photography!

I prefer my glamour images to have lots of colours, high contrast. Let’s get outside and take advantage of a blue sky or storm clouds as a backdrop.

Nudity Not a must!  Implied The idea of nudity can be extremely powerful and sexy. There is a lot to be said for leaving some things to the imagination. Even if you decide you want some nude images, think PLAYBOY, not HUSTLER. The most important thing to know is that I always work within your comfort level! How much skin is shown is always entirely up to you.

Clothing A beautiful new piece of lingerie, matching bra and panties.  A sheer piece of material.  His favourite sports jersey.   His uniform.  Thigh high boots and a leather jacket….the possibilities are endless.

As a gift Want to completely surprise him with the one gift he can’t buy for himself.Boudoir albums are a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary or birthday gift for your spouse. Imagine his surprise when you give him a very sexy album filled with images of you! – NOT SO LITTLE BLACK BOOK ALBUMS


All Boudoir & Glamour Photography packages include:

Professional full-time photographer.
Pre-session consultation.
Professional editing of selected images.
Coaching and guidance on poses and facial expressions.
All selected images provided in full resolution on USB.
Full and unlimited printing rights for all selected images.
Password protected web-gallery of proofs.